Informed of Undocumented Fix in Exchange 2013 SP1

For those of you migrating a user from 2007 to 2013, you may notice that email may not purge or intermittently purge from default folders based on assigned Retention Tags. It appears that Exchange 2013 cannot upgrade MRM 1.0 folders to MRM 2.0. I was told by Premier that you need to remove the Managed Folder Policies prior to migration, but even after running the below script, the issue was still occurring.

$users = Get-Content C:\Scripts\migration\Phase2.csv

ForEach ($user in $users)
$name = Get-mailbox $user

Set-Mailbox $name.alias -RemoveManagedFolderAndPolicy

The difference I experienced with running the above script than previous attempts was that I was now seeing some errors in the event logs when starting the MFA (Managed Folder Assistant) on a mailbox.

The MRM Assistant will skip processing mailbox ‘Display Exception details: ‘Microsoft.Exchange.Assistants.TransientMailboxException —> Microsoft.Exchange.InfoWorker.Common.ELC.ELCFolderSyncException: Failed to synchronize the messaging records management settings on managed folder Junk E-mail in mailbox with the settings in Active Directory.

After seeing this event ID, followed by some IDNA tracing, I received some interesting news from Microsoft. This error has been seen before and is fixed in an Interim Update for CU3. The title for this IU, is Interim Update for Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 3 (KB2924875) 15.0.775.4. Since Exchange 2013 SP3 has a build of 15.0.775.0, it is reasonable to think that this is the 4th in a line of Interim Updates for this code release. But for me this didn’t provide me any value because I need to get on SP1.

Knowing I still needed a fix for my problem I begin building a business case to be sent to the product group to have an IU created for SP1. For those who have never had an IU built, it isn’t an overnight process. It takes some effort and time and more than likely, you are just the latest company to complain about the issue. For my issue, I received some surprising news. The code included in Interim Update for Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 3 (KB2924875) 15.0.775.4 has been back ported into Exchange 2013 SP1.

This was about the only thing to have gone my way this entire project, but I am happy to take it. It will be a couple of weeks before I can get the schema extensions processed through our Directory Services team for an SP1 install to validate, but I’m very hopeful that there is truth in the information I’ve received. Now I can focus on the other 10 cases I have open to include MFA removing retention tags and folder policy after manually running MFA.

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