Intermittent Mailbox Stalls Occuring when Migrating to Exchange Online

We have been actively migrating mailboxes to Exchange Online these last few month, over 5000 users this month alone. Some of those migrations have been self batched while others have leveraged the Microsoft FastTrack Center. This week we received a report that a number of mailboxes were stalled due to disk latency, an example of this information can be seen below.

Stalled_Migrated_Mailboxes (2)

This disk latency is occurring on the target database in one of the many Microsoft datacenters. The information I have received from FastTrack points to a problem that has been ongoing since last week and the Product Group is engaged and is slowly rolling a fix to all datacenters.

If you’ve opened a premier ticket regarding this issue be sure you work with your TAM to tag the BUG to the ticket so you are not charged for any support hours.


Microsoft Ignite 2017…I’m Baacckkk!!!!

Microsoft Ignite 2017
Well, it has been a couple of years since I last posted on this blog and there were a couple of reasons to why such a long absence. First, I was completing my Undergraduate degree in Business Administration and secondly I was promoted into a leadership position within my company. Both of these milestones have taken a lot of time away from being able to blog about technology.

Sometimes it takes a spark to reignite a passion and this year while attending the 2017 Ignite conference in Orlando I sat in as session about how to become an MVP and one of the speakers talked about writting for a blog. Now I don’t have any illusions that I have what it takes to become an MVP, but I do like to write and I feel I do have something unique to say. One of the most relevant points made in the session was from Tony Redmond, an Exchange MVP which I have great respect for. I was a little late to the session, but his first comment I heard was towards those bloggers who regurgitate information and never write something that is their own, this is not path that will make you stand out among other bloggers and would most likely make you the target if shame and ridicule. He also talked about finding your own voice and trying to discover a different take on the topic you are trying to present. If the MVP was a religious organization, then for Exchange admins Tony would be our Pope so it would be useful to heed is wise words.

I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can during this week and hopefully return to work with a new perspective and a new dedication to writing relevant information here. It may not be about detailed Exchange technical information, I feel that as a manager I don’t have the opportunity to get my hands dirty anymore. What I can provide you all is a perspective of enterprise leadership as we drive Office 365 adoption and training, develop business drivers for product acquisition and continue to invest in Microsoft services. I look forward to sharing with you all. ~Mike